About the author

About the Author

Maggie Huffman is an Intuitive Life Coach. Her practice integrates elements for the mind, body, heart, soul and spirit. She is an author, teacher, motivational speaker and Aura Soma practitioner. She is the founder of Tapas For Your Soul, a coaching practice dedicated  to get you tasting life, taking inspired action and fulfilling your true and full potential.

Maggie has her MA in Theology and is a certified Life and Weight coach. She spent twenty years as an executive in global wine companies. She led strategic transformation efforts – including performance & process improvement projects, major restructures, integrating acquisitions, demergers and major software implementations. What she learned from these projects – both the successes and the failures – led her directly to her coaching practice. She became an expert in change management, covertly incorporating many heart-centered elements. She discovered that many of the criteria for a successful business transformation translate directly into successful life transformations. Evolving into a life coach was a natural and fun transition.

Maggie lives in in an imaginary world that looks suspiciously like Stars Hollow (of Gilmore Girls fame), with a workspace straight from the set of The Good Witch, except that it is in Sonoma, California where there really isn’t any snow. She frequently comes out to play, mostly as a serial poly-enthusiast, but some of the things that have stuck are ceramics, cycling, organic gardening, excellent choral music, and random acts of magic.

Contact:   tapas4yoursoul@gmail.com

photo credit: the amazing Will Toft of Will Toft Photography

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