I first approached Maggie about the Tapas  program, because I was in a rut in my life. I was amidst a lot of change I wasn’t sure in what direction I wanted to go.

What drew me to Tapas for Your Soul was the variety. I was intrigued by the idea of being exposed to a variety of new experiences a “few bites” at a time, so it wouldn’t be overwhelming and I could really explore each new topic to see what fit for my life..

One especially joyful tool that Maggie gave me is Aura Soma.  Having used the bottles for almost a year, I’m thrilled that it has evolved into a relationship that will grow and bloom as I do.

I would summarize by saying that Tapas for Your Soul is engaging and uplifting. It’s life changing. It’s a gift to yourself. I found myself looking forward to the next week and what I was going to get to “play with.” It made me feel child-like, wondering what new toy or present I would unwrap. The present is me; exploring new aspects of myself and rediscovering the joy in life. I have a feeling that this is going to be a perpetual gift that I will continue to open for many years to come!

Katie Edwards