Aura Soma

What is Aura Soma?

Aura Soma is a non-intrusive, self-selective color system – a  modality for self-discovery, growth and healing. Aura Soma uses both the universal and individual languages of color and light.

The equilibrium bottles (shown) are comprised of oil and water, and combine the energies of color, plants and crystals.  There are currently 114 beautiful equilibrium bottles, each with a unique color combination.

In an Aura Soma consult, you select 4 bottles that “sing” out to you – visually or energetically. The specific bottles that you choose, the color combinations and the order that you choose them will provide us with an amazing amount of information and insight, revealing layers of understanding about yourself. Together we work to understand your talents, opportunities, strengths, challenges, the future you wish to draw towards you and your growing edge. As an Aura Soma Practitioner, I help you to translate the insights into inspired action.

Aura Soma is truly a journey of transformation through self discovery. “You are the colors you choose.”

Consults can be done in person, over the phone or via Skype.

If you’re interested in a consult, fill out the contact form below or call me at 707-484-2912.

If you want to find an Aura-Soma practitioner in your area, click here:  Aura-Soma Practitioners

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