A war of words is still war…

I’ve really noticed lately how much conflict language there is around these days. Maybe it’s always been there and I haven’t noticed. But I notice it now, and I’m on a…I almost said “rampage”…mission to change things.

It’s everywhere and it shapes how we think about things.

The language of conflict implies a battle, requiring winners and losers.

It evokes inner thoughts and feelings of struggle and fighting and pushing other people out of the way and fierce competition.

It feeds hidden beliefs, because it’s language we just take for granted, we don’t even notice it. Monsters and demons and enemies.

It’s meant to motivate us, right? And it does. Slaying. Epic. Bad-ass.  So prevalent in the business world. In media.

We get used to things when we are exposed to them over and over again. Sometimes it’s wonderful. Take TV for example. I think it was a lot easier for some Americans to elect a black president after seeing David Palmer on 24 – even if it was on Fox! Or how we don’t even notice it anymore when a female character talks about her wife.

But exposure isn’t always wonderful, and I think that over exposure to the language of conflict numbs us to the impact and meaning of that language.

“Kill two birds with one stone.” Why not “Feed 10 cows in one pasture?”  What others come to mind?

Words matter. Be aware. Choose wisely.

And remember: in all things – progress, not perfection!

Love and light,



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