How’s Your Life Balance?

Do you feel like your life is a sparkly, multifaceted jewel? Yes?  Woo hoo!  Not sure? Do the Web of Life exercise.  This exercise gives you a visual assessment of what areas in your life are flourishing, and what areas need some love and attention.

This assessment is combines elements from three influences: my work, the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and Native American spirituality.  From my work comes the understanding that we are spiritual beings in a physical life, with multiple facets to each of us: Mind, Body, Heart, Spirit and Soul. From IIN comes the concept of “primary food” – that there are things that nourish us above and beyond actual food, and the circle of life.  From Native American spirituality comes the belief that all life is interconnected and is represented by an intricate spider web. The talisman of the dream catcher represents that web, and it catches bad dreams while allowing good ones to get through.

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