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Tapas for Your Soul is coaching practice offering a collection of things, as you might expect from the name. The idea is to set out a big spread of tasty, spicy, savory and provoking “little bites” that spark the appetite for life, and that feed the mind, body, heart, spirit and soul.

Currently on the menu, but subject to change at the whim of the chef (me):


I’m a certified Life and Weight Coach, through The Life Coach School with master coach instructor Brooke Castillo.

Want a taste of the coaching? Sign up for the free video series 3 Keys to Lasting Peace with Food or schedule a free mini coaching session.





Check out the weekly blog, maybe read through some of the archives. You can get a real flavor for the place here. Please leave comments if you’re so inspired!


  • Whoops! I Forgot to Achieve My Potential
  • WTF?!? I Still Believe This Sh*t? 
  • Oh Snap! My Career is in Crisis! 

All three books hit Amazon best seller status (woo hoo). For more info, check out my author page  here. 


  • Aura-Soma consultations. For information, check out the  Aura Soma page.

If you’re interested in anything on the menu, please fill out the contact form and I’ll get back to you quickly! or scan to sign up for my email list.

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Tapas are a wide variety of appetizers or bite-sized snacks. They may be cold or hot. In select bars in Spain, tapas have evolved into an entire, and sometimes sophisticated, cuisine. One can order many different tapas and combine them to make a full meal. The serving of tapas is designed to encourage conversation, because people are not so focused upon eating an entire meal that is set before them.

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  1. Katlyn says:

    Maggie has done several readings for me and I have to say that she is a natural. She brings a vibrant positive energy to the table and is extremely knowledgeable. In my experience, working with aura soma has lifted several energy blocks. The best comparison I have for it is like peeling the layers of an onion. I have had several things holding me back that I was unaware of and aura soma therapy helped me to identify these blocks and challenges. It also helped me to see what my strengths were and brought more light and attention to them. I highly recommend!!!!!!!


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